Just One Note

Music food of my soul

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Music is a very important part in my everyday life; it is the food of my soul. I listen to music all day long and enjoy playing guitar.
Which is my favorite? All kinds! It just depends on the moment and mood.

Listening to the sax makes me feel relaxed. I don’t play it but wish I could, so I just enjoy listening to some fantastic sax players like David Sanborn, Kenny G, Dave Koz, Gerald Albright and others.

Why is music a part of my life? Well… because it lifts up my spirit when I’m feeling sad; brings back memories and certain songs remind me of places and people. I sing when I’m happy and at times when I am sad as well. I can’t imagine life without music.

This image is called “Just One Note” and it was taken to honour all those talented saxophone players.

What is your favorite music?

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